Our Services

Do you have a basement but you only use it for storage? You know, it doesn't have to be that way. Capital Home Improvement LLC can change the space into whatever you would like. The possibilities for your basement are only limited by your imagination.



Capital Home Improvement LLC has been working with the same reliable subcontractors pretty much since our inception. What this means for the customers that hire Capital Home Improvement LLC is that you will get great pricing for your remodeling project. Capital Home Improvement LLC will give you the exterior or interior you are looking for. Economic or high end renovations, we make it our mission to give you the finished product you are looking for. We will gladly go over the design details you have in your head and work with you to draw up the plans to make them real.



Refinishing floors is a great idea. If your hardwood floor is in at least decent condition, refinishing them can get them back to looking great. A skilled contractor can salvage and refinish nearly any old floor. Scratches can be sanded away, and holes, dents, or chips can be patched. The first step is to sand away the old finish, using a power sander. These can be very difficult to use and have the potential to damage your floor, so unless you are experienced, it is often a good idea to hire a professional. Once the old finish is removed, you can repair any dents or cracks with wood filler, and then sand them down to be even with the floor. Finally, you can seal the floor, then stain it, and your hardwood will look like new.



Capital Home Improvement LLC has several different roofing materials that we use to cater to the varying tastes of our customers including aluminized steel, dead-level, and special steep asphalt, fiberglass, and other alloy based shingles, bituminous and asphaltic materials, slate, thatch, polycarbonate sheeting, tiles, polyester, waterproof supplies, and many other roofing materials that stress durability, reliability, and style. Capital Home Improvement LLC has several production facilities that mass-produce roofing materials in roofing sector.